Shahrukh Khan-Akshay Kumar: Two superstars of Bollywood cinema industry, one is a player and the other is the king of romance. But their fans have never seen these two brilliant actors together in one frame. Although Akshay Kumar and Shahrukh Khan debuted in Bollywood in the 90s, both of them have never been cast together in the last several years. But when Shahrukh was asked a question about this in a recent interview, 53-year-old superstar Shahrukh Khan gave a very funny answer. Come, let us tell you

In fact, in an interview in 2019, when Shahrukh Khan was asked whether he would do more films with Akshay, he said, ‘What should I say on this? I don’t wake up so early’, I sleep when Akshay is awake.

King Khan further said that Akshay’s day starts early. By the time I start doing any work, he is packing and going to his house. Therefore he can work more hours. Nor are many people fond of shooting at night like me.

While interacting with the media, King Khan even said ‘If he and Akshay come together for a film, they will never meet on the sets’, he would be leaving and I would be coming. Talking about Akshay Kumar, the actor said- ‘I would like to work like Akshay and with him, but our timing will not match’. That means the whole game is timing, perhaps this is the reason.

Akshay and Shahrukh are not seen together in the same frame. Let us tell you that Akshay Kumar and Shahrukh Khan worked together in Yash Chopra’s film ‘Dil toh pagal hai’ in 1997. After this, both of them were never seen together in any film, otherwise they remain similar.

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