Mumbai: There was such a craze for a star in Bollywood in the 60-70s that girls used to run behind his car to get a glimpse of him. This star was Dharmendra, who was the top star of his time, whose name alone was enough for his films to become hits. But, along with his films, Dharmendra was also very famous for his anger. Many actors also had to face his anger. Apart from this, there was no less discussion about his love story with Hema Malini. When married Dharmendra married Hema Malini, it created a stir everywhere. But, once Dharmendra found it very difficult to flirt with an actress. This actress even slapped Dharmendra.

Now you must be wondering who was that actress who had the audacity to raise her hand on a superstar like Dharmendra. So let us tell you, this actress was Tanuja. Yes, Tanuja, Kajol’s mother and one of the top actresses of the 60-70s. Tanuja worked as a lead actress in superhit films like Haathi Mere Saathi, Do Chor, Jewel Thief, Mere Jeevan Sathi. But, even after this, she never considered other actresses as competition in her career. Because, for him everyone was his friend. But, what happened that Tanuja raised her hand on a superstar like Dharmendra.

The film was shot in 36 days and made bumper earnings.

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Tanuja herself had revealed about this incident. Actually, Tanuja was good friends with Dharmendra and Prakash Kaur (Dharmendra’s wife). But, when the actor jokingly flirted with her, Tanuja first slapped him, then made him her brother by tying Rakhi on his wrist. Tanuja has worked with Dharmendra in films like ‘Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi’, ‘Chand Aur Suraj’ and ‘Izzat’.

Dharmendra and Tanuja have been very good friends. (Photo courtesy: Instagram: @apkadharam)

Recalling this incident, Tanuja had said- ‘We were shooting for Dulal Guha’s Chand Aur Suraj. Dharam and I were good drinking buddies and used to have a lot of fun together. He himself introduced me to his wife Prakash Kaur. Sunny was only five years old at that time and the daughter was only a few months old. One day when he tried to flirt with me, I was shocked and slapped him and said – ‘Shameless’, I know you have a wife and children and you are daring to flirt with me. On this he said, I am embarrassed, please forgive me. He requested- ‘Tanu, my mother, I am sorry. You make me your brother. After listening to Dharmendra, Tanuja took a black thread and tied it on Dharmendra’s wrist.


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