Everyone wishes to look beautiful and young. For this, people use different types of products. Some are using chemical based things while others rely only on natural things. However, after hearing the beauty secret of the woman we are telling you about today, you will start feeling disgusted. It is a different matter that the woman has no problem with it.

Colombia’s singer Coral Costa is not an unknown name. She is also known for her beautiful skin. However, now she told her followers that to keep her skin beautiful, she uses a disgusting thing which you cannot even imagine. Let us tell you what Coral does that is surprising even her fans.

applies urine on face
Koral Costa is known online as Koral the Diva. Recently, while revealing the secret of her healthy skin, she said that for this she does not use any cream-powder but urine. For this, she takes her urine in a plastic cup and applies it on her face. She claims that this is the secret of her healthy and glowing skin. In her videos, she also shows the viewers by putting urine on their faces. After this claim, various types of comments are being seen.

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People accepted the singer’s words
This video of Coral has been seen by her 4.6 lakh Instagram followers and about 4 lakh Facebook fans. You will be surprised to know that many people seem to be impressed by the tip you are hating on. Some followers even admitted that they themselves apply urine on their face and have got good results from it. Let us tell you that before this, Mexican actor Sebastian Ligare has also shared the tip of applying urine on the face.


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