New Delhi. Bollywood stars often build their dream home away from their parents after earning name in films, but there are many such actors and actresses in the same industry who, even after touching the heights of success in films, do not follow the example of their parents. Didn’t leave me. Recently, ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’ actor Kartik Aryan has also made a similar revelation. Despite being the owner of crores, the actor told that even today he takes money from his mother and his mother keeps the accounts of all his earnings. Apart from Kartik Aryan, many Bollywood celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Karan Johar have also revealed on many occasions that even after reaching the pinnacle of success, they still give all the accounts of their earnings and expenses to their mother.

Today we are going to tell you about one such Bollywood actor who ruled the industry for decades and earned a lot of wealth and fame, but even today the simplicity with which he lives his life is no less than an example. Bollywood’s ‘Bhaijaan’ Salman Khan, who rules the hearts of millions of people, is the owner of crores of rupees. But while nowadays every Bollywood actor lives in big luxurious houses, Salman Khan still lives in a small house with his entire family.

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While participating on Kapil Sharma’s show, Bhaijaan broke his silence about his earnings and expenses and said that even today he gives all his money to his father Salim Khan and takes money from him as per his need. Now even the audience was surprised to hear such stories from an actor whose films earn Rs 100-200 crores. Now recently, Salman Khan has once again shared a secret related to his personal life which has left his fans stunned.

never go out
Salman Khan, who was recently seen in ‘Tiger 3’, told during a special conversation with India Today that he has never gone out to eat for the last 25-26 years. He travels only when he has to go for a shoot and he goes only to those places where he has to shoot the film. The actor further says that for him going out means sitting in the lawn of his house or going to his farm.

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Go to restaurants only with motherAccording to Salman Khan, he goes out only when his mother Salma is with him and that too only after having coffee in a nearby restaurant and returning home. Salman Khan believes that he gets very little time with his family and whatever time he does, he wants to spend it at home.



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