New Delhi. Sushmita Sen celebrated her 48th birthday on Sunday. On the occasion of his birthday, his sister-in-law Charu Asopa wished him happy birthday with some beautiful pictures. After sharing the congratulatory post to her sister-in-law, Charu Asopa has again shared a video post, in which she is seen crying. In the video, she is seen telling about the difficulties faced by single mothers. He says that single mothers have to face a lot of difficulties in buying their own house.

Charu Asopa has also written a long caption while doing her video on social media. He wrote, ‘In our society, no matter what or how much a woman does, she can never change people’s thinking. Even today, before giving a house to a woman, it is seen whether there is a man’s name associated with her or not, and if not, then she is not even given a house.

Being a single mother, I am not able to get a house.

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Charu does not stop here, she further writes, ‘It is very painful to see such a condition of the women of our country. These people who refuse to give houses go out and give big speeches in the name of women empowerment. Today again I was refused a house in 1 society because I am a single mother. The thing to think about is that the one who refused was a woman herself. This is the condition of women in a country where women are worshipped.

In this video that surfaced, Charu is seen sitting in her car. She is crying a lot and narrating her problems. She is visible in the video but her voice is not audible.


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