Entertainment Desk, New Delhi. Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Actor Rajesh Kumar Bankruptcy: Small screen cult show’Sarabhai vs SarabhaiBecame famous by playing the character of Rosesh Sarabhai in ‘ Rajesh Kumar (Rajesh Kumar) has revealed in a recent interview that how turning from an actor to a farmer brought a turn in his life. He became penniless while doing farming and was deeply in debt.

Rajesh Kumar Told in a latest interview that ‘Sarabhai vs SarabhaiAfter the flop of the second season of ‘, he decided to stay away from acting and left acting and started farming in his village located in Gaya, Bihar. He was seeing a bright future for himself while doing farming for three years, but the Corona epidemic brought an earthquake in his life.

Farmer left acting and became an actor

,Sarabhai vs Sarabhai‘ actor Rajesh Kumar In an interview given to Rajshree Unplugged YouTube channel, he told that he gave four years to farming, but nature did not support him. According to Rajesh Kumar-

In the year 2017 I decided not to act. I felt I was not growing as an actor, but in the farming world I was like a painter with a blank canvas. This is how I started. I worked continuously for five years on farming and I lost in every way. Nature kept playing with me.

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Rajesh Kumar was buried under debt

Rajesh Kumar further revealed how in an instant he went bankrupt and was buried under debt. The actor said-

I planted 15,000 trees on 20 acres of land and they were washed away due to floods. Four years passed and then the pandemic struck. I was falling down financially. During the lockdown, I used up all my savings and then went bankrupt. There was nothing in my pocket. I had huge debts and this was adding to the pressure.

At present, Rajesh Kumar Did not let his bad times overpower him and decided to start acting again. He was last seen with Nawazuddin Siddiqui.Bone‘ Was seen in the film.

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