New Delhi. Marriages and divorces of Bollywood stars often remain a topic of discussion for fans. Every fan of an actor wants to know what is going on in the life of their favorite actor and when it comes to marriage or engagement, then this event in the actor’s life becomes like a festival for the fans. Be it Ranveer-Deepika’s marriage or the recent marriage of Parineeti and Raghav Chadha. Fans were curious to know about every news related to her, but today we are talking about a Bollywood actress who married veteran Bollywood lyricist Gulzar only on one condition. This relationship lasted for many years, but then suddenly something happened that this actress broke the bond of 7 births and also left Gulzar. Both of them never got divorced, but they did not remain together again.

It is not a new thing for big screen hit couples to become couples in real life too. Often there are marriages and divorces between these couples, but it is very rare that they get married on one small issue and then decide to separate on another small issue. We are talking about our time’s beautiful actress Rakhi and famous lyricist Gulzar, whose marriage took place on one condition and on one thing both of them separated without divorce. Let us tell you what that thing is…

Fell in love with Gulzar after the end of her first marriage
Actress Rakhi started her career with Bengali films when Mahesh was 15 years old. Ajay Vishwas gave him his first break in films. What happened next was that during this time Rakhi fell in love with Ajay and both of them got married. But this marriage did not last long and after a few days Rakhi divorced Ajay. After this Rakhi came to Mumbai to pursue her career. During the shooting of the film, she met lyricist Gulzar, they fell in love and Rakhi decided to marry Gulzar.

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Gulzar put a strange condition
Gulzar also loved Rakhi, but to convert their love into marriage, he put a condition before Rakhi. The condition was that he could marry her only if she stopped working in films. Rakhi accepted everything in love, but she felt that even if she does not work in other directors’ films, Gulzar will definitely give her a chance to work in his films. However, this did not happen, Gulzar continued making films and did not cast Rakhi in any film.

Gulzar and Rakhi have a daughter, named Meghna.

Rakhi had broken the condition
According to media reports, Rakhi broke the condition after some time of marriage and started working in films. Due to this, a lot of fights started between Rakhi and Gulzar. However, this relationship ended with an incident which you will not even believe.

Why did both of them separate?
Actually, the shooting of Gulzar’s film ‘Aandhi’ was going on in Kashmir, Rakhi had also reached here. One day, a party was going on in a hotel with the team of ‘Aandhi’, where Sanjeev Kumar drank a lot of alcohol. Seeing Sanjeev Kumar drunk, actress Suchitra Sen started going to her room and Sanjeev Kumar held her hand. Suchitra felt very bad about this. She kept trying to free her hand but Sanjeev was not releasing her hand. When Gulzar realized that Suchitra was in trouble, he got Sanjeev Kumar to release Suchitra’s hand and went to leave Suchitra in her room. When Gulzar was leaving Suchitra and leaving her room, suddenly Rakhi saw him. What happened then was that the end of Rakhi and Gulzar’s relationship was almost certain. It was discussed that what was Gulzar doing in Suchitra’s room? There was a big fight between Rakhi and Gulzar regarding this and Rakhi separated herself from Gulzar. Both never officially divorced. It is said that he did not take divorce because of his daughter Megha.

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Why didn’t you get a divorce?
It is said that he did not take divorce because of his daughter Megha. 76 year old Rakhi and 89 year old Gulzar have forgotten the past and they both now share a cordial relationship with each other.


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