This girl is 200% copy of Madhuri Dixit, fans were surprised to see the same smile and eyes, asked - Will Doctor Nene recognize her?

This girl looks exactly like Madhuri Dixit

New Delhi :

Madhuri Dixit still has a huge fan following. Even today crores of people sacrifice their lives for every act of Madhuri. Madhuri Dixit has no answer in the matter of dance. The video of a lookalike or doppelganger of Madhuri Dixit is going viral on social media. Famous by the name of Madhu on social media, people call this girl a lookalike of Madhuri Dixit. In the video which is currently going viral, Madhu, who is said to be Madhuri’s lookalike, is seen giving expressions like her.

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The woman seen in the video looks exactly like Madhuri Dixit. In the video, she is giving killer expressions on Madhuri’s popular song ‘Humko Aaj Kal Hai Intezaar’. In this she looks exactly like Madhuri. After seeing Madhu from the side, your senses will be blown away. Madhu, who looks exactly like Madhuri, is her big fan. Madhu’s Instagram account is full of her videos.

Commenting on this video of Madhu Sharma, people are praising her a lot. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, “You look absolutely Madhuri.” So another user has written, “Same to same Madhuri Dixit.” Another user writes, “Shri Reem Nene, if you recognize him, then accept it.” In this way, people are commenting fiercely on the video of this lookalike of Madhuri.

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