TV actress Dolly Sohi is battling cancer. Recently, one of his posts on social media increased the concern of fans. Dolly thanked those who gave her love and also told that she was suffering from cancer. Dolly has appeared in serials like Kalash, Kumkum Bhagya and Babi. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer 2 months ago. This is a difficult time for Dolly but she has not lost courage. In a conversation with a media house, he explained his symptoms and also made the readers aware.

should take vaccine
Dolly Sohi told ETimes, 3 months ago I started having back pain which was not going away even after taking pain killers. Gradually the doctors came to know that it was cancer and treatment was going on. My 2 rounds of chemotherapy have been completed. The next one is in December, after which there will be surgery. I should feel better in a few months. Women should get checkups done regularly. There is also a vaccine for cervical cancer, which young girls can get after consulting a doctor. Many people do not know about this and I think there should be awareness on this topic.

I couldn’t understand what went wrong
Dolly on how she is dealing with the situation I was terrified when I first found out. I was surprised how could this happen… what went wrong. Gradually I accepted the reality and gathered courage from within. I told myself I would fight this and be okay. My mother and daughter were very worried. I told him not to worry because it gets better. The people and family around him are supporting him a lot. Dolly is currently working in the serial Jhanak. He told that the people on the set are also very supportive.

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