A new update has come regarding Shah Rukh Khan’s film Dunki. Javed Akhtar shared the latest information related to the songs of the film in one of his recent interviews. Talking to News18, Javed Akhtar told that he has written a song for ‘Dinky’ and the film will end on it. In the interview, Javed Akhtar was asked that you have written some great songs for Shahrukh Khan. Be it ‘Dard-e-Disco’ or ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’. You are working with him again in ‘Dinky’. Javed Akhtar had this to say on this,

I have written only one song for that film. The film ends on the same song. That is the last song of the film. That song completes the theme of the film. Raju Hirani wanted me to write a song for the film. I hope you guys will like that song. That is a different song because its situation is completely different. You write songs according to every situation. Pritam has composed it well. First I wrote, then Pritam composed the song. Usually it happens that I am asked to write on a tune. But Pritam was so generous that he told me that sir, you write the song first, I will compose the tune later.

The first teaser of ‘Dinky’ was released on 02 November i.e. Shahrukh’s birthday. The makers named it ‘Drop 1’. It was clear from this that the makers are going to release more teasers. Then on November 05, it was published in trade website Sacnilk that a total of five teasers of ‘Dinky’ are going to come. Through these, the makers will introduce the public to the characters and feel of the film. The first teaser of the film was of a very happy nature. Kept space for fun element. But ‘Dinky’ is not just a film of laughter and fun. It is made on a serious issue like illegal immigration. How many people die every year on the Donkey Flight route. That side will also be shown in the film. In ‘Drop 1’ it is seen that Shahrukh and team are moving ahead with their bags. A skeleton is lying near his feet.

‘Dinky’ will get its emotional core from here. It is being told that this side of ‘Dinky’ will be shown in the last teaser of the film. Taking lessons from ‘Pathan’ and ‘Jawaan’, Shahrukh has stopped giving interviews. Here too he will not come to the media and promote the film. ‘Dinky’ will be promoted only through posters, teasers and songs. Let us tell you that ‘Dinky’ is being released in theaters on Christmas 2023.

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