Ibrahim Ali Khan and Palak Tiwari have been spotted together many times on movie dates and lunch or dinner. Both of them also party together. Recently, the video of both of them embracing went viral, after which the news of their romance got further fueled. Although both have never reacted openly on this. Now a big update has come regarding both. The news has come that both of them have been in a relationship for a long time, but for some reason they want to hide this from everyone.

That’s why we hide our relationships
According to the report of Hindustan Times, Ibrahim and Palak do not want limelight on their personal life because both their careers are just starting. Palak Na Jahan has made her Bollywood debut. Whereas Ibrahim is working on his debut project. Both are working very hard in their professional life, so they do not want their fans to leave their hard work and focus on their personal life or dating life.

this is how they both meet
The report further states that both of them love to spend time together, but try to prevent photographers from spotting them together. Therefore, both come in separate vehicles and make separate entries and exits. Not only this, both of them also keep the timings of meeting in such a way that the photographers are not able to meet them. At the same time both of them go to each other’s house.

Family reaction
It is also being said that both their families know about their relationship and are happy for them. They also understand that both of them have to keep their relationship away from the eyes of the world and are also supporting them for this.

upcoming film of both
Palak will now be seen in The Version Tree. Sanjay Dutt and Sunny Chopra will also be with him in the film. This will be a horror comedy film. Regarding Ibrahim, it is being said that he is going to make his Bollywood debut with the film Sarzameen. Kajol is in the lead role in this film.

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