Emraan Hashmi was recently seen in the film Tiger 3. Even though Imran had a negative character in the film, still his performance is being liked a lot. Now recently, during an interview, Imran has given many such statements which are in the headlines. Imran also talked about his experience on Koffee with Karan. He told how after this show many people in the industry became his enemies. Imran also said that for this reason he did not go to the show again.

enemies made from the show
While talking about Koffee with Karan on Zoom, Imran said, ‘After this show you become many enemies. After this, Imran was asked if that is why he no longer goes to the show, then Imran said, if I go to Koffee with Karan again, I will spoil more things. I’ll be a lot crappier in rapid fire rounds than I was before. You don’t have anything wrong with anyone, you just want to win that hamper and you say strange things for that.

Aishwarya was called plastic
Let us tell you that Imran had called Aishwarya Rai plastic in this show. After his statement went viral, Imran again apologized to the actress. He had said, ‘That’s not what I meant. I am a big fan of Aishwarya. That was just the format of the show. I like his work very much. I know people will make a big issue out of it, but what’s more, people make an issue of even nonsense things.

Mallika was called the worst kisser
By the way, in the same show, Imran had said about Mahesh Bhatt that Mahesh has recently bought a penthouse worth Rs 40 crore in Bandra and all this has happened because many of his films were hits and I was in the lead role in them. During this time, Imran also commented about Mallika Sherawat that she is the worst kisser. After this statement, there was a cold war between Mallika and Imran. Mallika became very angry with him.

tiger 3
Tiger 3 started with a bang, earned well on the second day too, but now the film’s earnings are gradually declining. However, the film has now reached close to Rs 200 crores. At present the film has earned around Rs 180 crore.

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