Elvish Yadav keeps sharing all his things with fans through his vlogs. From the controversies surrounding himself to his personal and professional life, he keeps updating his fans. Now in his new vlog, Elvish did something that even the fans were surprised. He has apologized to everyone and said that he has made a mistake. Apart from this, Elvish also said that maybe I am doing something wrong right now. This video of Elvish has surfaced amidst the controversy related to the supply of snake venom in the rave party.

Supporting Anurag
Actually, Elvish says that many people are asking me whether I am supporting Bigg Boss 17 contestant Anurag Doval, then the answer is yes. We already know each other. We have met many times and the most important thing is that he supported me a lot to make me a winner and now it is my turn. After this, Elvish also said that do not troll Anurag. Sometimes things become too much due to which the other person gets disappointed. Many people are saying that you have forgotten, you yourself used to roast everyone, so brother, that is from the year 2020.

made a mistake and corrected it
Elvish further says, ‘Brother, everyone makes mistakes. We also believe that we have done it and now we have a good bond with those whom we roasted. Look, things change with age. We have made mistakes, we admit it. We too have done bad things and are now improving. Who knows, if there are some wrong places now, we will correct this also later.

elvish controversy
A few days ago, Elvish was accused of supplying snake venom at a rave party. However, Elvish has denied these allegations. Noida Police has also interrogated Elvish in this matter. The case is being investigated and let’s see what comes out.

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