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Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 is running in theaters these days. Word of mouth is not very positive about the film. Plus the film’s earnings are being affected due to the World Cup. Till now all these things were going on about the film. But now it is being said that ‘Tiger 3’ is a pro-Pakistan film. That means it talks in support of Pakistan. This is being said on the basis of a scene from the film. Actor Simran Bagga has talked about this, who herself is a part of this scene.

There is a scene in ‘Tiger 3’. In this, Pakistan Prime Minister Nasreen Irani says that she is ready to reduce the defense budget of her country by 50 percent. But will India also do this? While talking to the media, Nasreen says-

“Pakistan wants to sow the seeds of peace and tranquility. The question is, does India want this?”

In the climax of the film, she addresses the people of her country and says-

“I and the girls have decided which to choose between hatred and peace? What do you think, PM sir?”

Now this dialogue has been given a new meaning. People are saying that ‘Tiger 3’ tries to portray Pakistan as a peace-loving country. At the same time, it puts a question mark on India being a peace-loving country. Simran Bagga, who plays Pakistani Prime Minister Nasreen Irani in ‘Tiger 3’, has talked about people’s interpretation. He says that people twist everything and misinterpret it. Whereas that dialogue of the film did not have that meaning and purpose at all.

Talking about this issue in a conversation with DNA, Simran said-

“See, this whole matter is about saving humanity. She (Nasreen) is asking whether India is ready to save that humanity. Whereas India is ready. Because Tiger himself is an Indian. He is already with his family. He is helping others by putting Pakistan in danger. Nasreen is not raising questions on India. But she cannot answer on behalf of India that yes, she is ready. She is just telling that Pakistan is ready. ”

On misinterpreting the meaning of her dialogue and trolling the film on it, Simran says-

“I think people can interpret whatever they want. They can twist that statement and misunderstand it. But they cannot mislead us into misinterpreting that dialogue. A mountain is being made out of a molehill by force. Where As far as trolling is concerned, it is just another way of gossiping. Just like gossip has no head and legs, trolling is also like that. Some people will say bad things about good things. And those who have to say anything, they will say it. Hee.”

Actors like Katrina Kaif, Emraan Hashmi, Ranveer Shorey, Simran, Vishal Jethwa, Kumud Mishra, Revati and Ridhi Dogra have worked with Salman Khan in ‘Tiger 3’. This film has been directed by Manish Sharma. In five days of its release, ‘Tiger 3’ has earned Rs 187.65 crore from across the country. The worldwide collection of the film has crossed Rs 300 crore. This is the ninth film in Salman Khan’s career to earn more than Rs 300 crore.

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