Bigg Boss 17: Bigg Boss took strict action for this famous contestant, nominated him for the entire season

Bigg Boss’s strict orders for Anurag Doval

New Delhi :

Something or the other is happening every day in Bigg Boss 17, due to which the show remains in the headlines. In the latest episode, there is a fierce fight and even fight between Anurag Doval and Arun Mashetti, after which Bigg Boss has taken strict action against Anurag. Bigg Boss has nominated Anurag till the end of the show. A scuffle breaks out amid an argument between Anurag Doval and Arun Mashetti. Arun is doing some work in the kitchen when Anurag comes there and starts arguing with him. Both reach each other’s personal life and family, after which the situation reaches a scuffle. Anurag grabs Arun by the neck, after which Bigg sentences him.

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Anurag vandalized the kitchen

After this, when Arun is working in the kitchen, Anurag comes and provokes him. Arun also does not remain silent and is called a beggar. Arun also makes fun of Anurag’s charity work. Anurag also loses his temper and starts breaking kitchen utensils.

Anurag Doval also clashed with Abhishek

After this, Abhishek Kumar, Samarth Jurel and Munawar Faruqui intervene and try to stop Anurag, but Anurag does not calm down and keeps creating ruckus. After this he starts fighting with Abhishek also. Then Bigg Boss takes strict action against Anurag and nominates Anurag for the entire season, and also closes the kitchen area till further orders. All the housemates are angry with Anurag, because everyone feels that the entire house is suffering the consequences of their fight.

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