Bigg Boss 17: YouTuber Anurag Doval looks quite confused in the controversial TV show ‘Bigg Boss 17’. He has said such things many times in the house, due to which there has been an uproar. This is the reason why the family members have given Anurag the tag of a gossip. At the same time, once again Babu Bhaiya has done something similar.

Actually, Farre’s star cast came into the house in Saturday Vaar. During this, he had given a task to the housemates, in which Manara, Isha, Sana and Khanzadi had to choose one boy each for their prom. In this, Manara chooses Munavvar and gives him a rose. Meanwhile, all the family members are teasing Munavvar about his girlfriend. Hearing the word sister-in-law, Manara thinks that Munavvar is married and she does not know about it, after which she gets upset.

Babu Bhaiya added Munavvar’s name with 18 year old girl

Meanwhile, Anurag tells a new story to Manara. They say that Munavvar has dated a minor girl, who was in a reality show with him. She turned 18 just a few days ago. Manara is shocked to hear this. She confirms with Anurag that this is indeed true. On this Anurag says that Arun had told him this.

Manara got confused after hearing Anurag’s words.

Manara gets quite surprised after hearing Anurag’s words. Taking this matter she goes to Rinku and Aishwarya and confirms with both of them. Here Rinku explains to them that Munavvar was married and had a son. But, right now he has a girlfriend outside. On this Manara again looks confused and says, but then why was everyone calling his girlfriend as sister-in-law, both of them are married?

On this Rinku explains to them that in our normal language we also call girlfriend as sister-in-law. After this, Aishwarya takes the name of Munavvar’s girlfriend and tells him that Munna is dating her. Now it remains to be seen how this matter reaches Munawwar.

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