Bigg Boss is a show where no one knows when friends become enemies and enemies become friends. Till now there was a good bond between Arun and Jigna Vora, but recently this bond weakened when Arun nominated Jigna. Jigna looked quite angry with this. She talks to Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma about this and during this, Aishwarya says something which everyone is surprised to hear.

what is the matter
In fact, in the recent episode, Jigna says that Arun nominated her while she even washes Arun’s undergarments. Aishwarya is surprised to hear this and says to talk to Arun as to how he can nominate her like this. Jigna says that she doesn’t even want to talk to him now.

what did aishwarya say
After this, Aishwarya says in front of Neil that she should never even wash Neil’s undergarments, so there is no question of anyone else. Now after hearing this statement of Aishwarya, a lot of reactions are coming from the users. Someone is commenting that Aishwarya is absolutely bold and does not stop herself from saying anything.

fight over food
Recently, Vicky gives food from his room to Khanzadi who lives in another room. There is an uproar due to breaking the house rules and Abhishek and Isha talk to Vicky about this. Later the matter escalates so much that a fight takes place between Vicky and Abhishek. Vicky gets furious when Abhishek touches her. When Samarth comes in between, Vicky gives him a class too.

Who was nominated?
Many contestants have been nominated for eviction this week, including Sana Raees Khan, Jigna Vohra, Sunny Arya, Ankita Lokhande and Anurag Doval.

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