Bigg Boss gave a very interesting task to the housemates. In this task, three cards were given to three members of the house (one member from each house). These cards did not have numbers but pictures of other contestants were printed on them. During the task, the contestants had to speak ill of the contestant whose picture was printed on their card without naming them. In such a situation, a picture of Khanzadi appeared in Abhishek Kumar’s card. Abhishek took full advantage of the opportunity and made fun of Khanjadi. After hearing Abhishek’s words, Khanjadi started crying bitterly.

What did Abhishek say?
Abhishek said, “In the beginning she wanted to show everyone that she is alone. She does not follow anyone. But, she always walked ahead holding someone’s hand. She just keeps sleeping at home and makes excuses for her injury. She keeps making. She always keeps saying that I have to go home, I have to go home. If you really have to go, then why don’t you leave this house? She uses my feelings during the task. Hey sister, if your If she wants a hamper, then earn it, but don’t make fun of anyone’s feelings. Whenever we are getting close to each other or getting romantic, she immediately looks towards the camera, to make sure that she Let the moment be captured on camera. I am the reason behind its existence in the show.”

These contestants celebrated
When Abhishek is speaking about Khanzadi, Mannara Chopra, Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel are celebrating. After the task, Isha congratulates Abhishek. On the other hand, Vicky and Ankita are seen explaining to Khanzadi.

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